“Walk In” Prospecting: Efficient, Effective Methodology and 4 Key Objectives

Here’s how a media sales pro can do a “walk in” right…and not waste their time or a potential client’s:

Four Objectives of a Walk In Prospecting Touch

1. Hand deliver a response-oriented marketing flyer. Usually an 8.5 x 11 piece on card stock featuring some kind of special offer that would lead the prospect to contact you for more details.

2. Get the marketing decision maker’s name and contact information.

3. Have a look at the business so you can communicate with the decision maker on the phone or via email with first hand knowledge of the business.

4. Get in. Make a good, professional impression. Get out quickly (less than 3 minutes at MOST).

Speed is the name of this game and you need to be able to do 20+ touches an hour. Being in a hurry to get in and out makes you look like a busy professional who works by appointment who just walked in for a brief second because you were interested in possibly setting up a meeting sometime, versus a door-to-door peddler with no plan for your day, ready to pitch at the drop of a hat.

The goal of a walk in is NOT to make a sale or deliver a presentation. It is not to try to start a conversation or to try to “sell” anything, including “selling an appointment.”

Walk In Touch Process

If the people at the counter are busy helping a customer or on the phone, do not wait until they finish, just leave the flyer on the counter, grab a business card, and get on to the next business.

If a person is available to greet you, say “I’m hoping you can help me.”

Pause and allow them to answer in the affirmative or ask how they can help and then respond, “I just wanted to get this (hand them the flyer) to the person who makes your advertising decisions and get their email to follow up… Is that you?”

If they offer to go get the person, politely decline. Say “I want to be respectful and not intrude on their busy day. I just wanted to get this to them and follow up.”

If it turns out you are talking to the decision maker, and they want more information, do not get caught in the trap of answering questions that turns into a poorly planned presentation in the middle of your walk-in blitz. You can simply say, “I just wanted to stop in and get this to you and get a look at your place because I’ve driven by and thought you might be a great fit for our envelope. I am actually on my way to a meeting and don’t want to be late for it. Could I come back at 4 on Thursday to talk a little more with you about your business and our ****medium***?”

Follow Up

Enter all of the data you gather into CRM at the end of your Walk-In Blitz (or end of selling day if no blitz) and send a quick follow-up email immediately referencing the flyer you left, the reason you stopped in, and inviting them to call or email with questions or if you can be of any service.


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