Set The Stage for a Winning Sales Presentation

It is important that you create the right physical setting for a sales presentation. Try to create a physical space to make your presentation that is free of distractions like customers or ringing phones.

If you are sitting down in the dining room or showroom at a business, try to sit where the prospect’s back is to the counter so they won’t be distracted by what their staff is doing while meeting with you. If one seat at a table in their office or at a restaurant has a view out the window and one has a view of the wall, take the window view seat for yourself and let the prospect sit in the seat facing you with only the wall in the background.

Handling Distractions & Interruptions: If distractions do occur during your presentation (for example, you should always temporarily suspend your sales presentation if the prospect needs to help a customer), try to remember where you were in the process and what areas/points you have already covered and which ones you still have to touch upon. Keep your focus. If, for any reason, the prospect cannot keep his


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