Social Media Prospecting: Reaching Prospective Advertisers Via Facebook

Prospects are always on the go and get tons of phone calls and emails. However, they often monitor their business social media accounts on their mobile phone, making social media comments and messages an great way to reach out to prospective clients for your medium.

Facebook has, by far, delivered more sales than any social channel I have used for prospecting. Others see better return with Linkedin, however, even if you are in that category, Facebook can still be a significant source of sales contacts and should not be unduly discounted as a b2c medium.

Following are a few ideas to utilize Facebook to reach out to prospective advertisers:

Facebook Comment

A comment related directly to a post a prospect makes on their Facebook page can be a great way to start a conversation with a the marketing decision maker.

Following is an example comment on coupons a prospect posted: Nice Coupons! Would love to direct mail them out to the highest income homes in Northwest Hills for only a few cents a piece in Coupon Pack of Austin! Email me for details!

Keep the comment relevant to their post so as to not be engaging in “comment spam” which would be a bad way to start an interaction.

Facebook Message

Sending a Facebook Message to a facebook business page or directly to a decision maker (if you are facebook friends) is a great way to break through email inbox clutter and start a conversation. A message can be relevant to a post you saw on the page or similar to a sales email in message content.

Liking Pages / Posts

Liking a prospect’s page will put their posts in your news feed. Clicking “Like” of a few of a prospect’s posts when you visit their page is a kindness akin to giving a small gift. It is a subtle way to leverage the persuasion psychology principle of Reciprocity, compelling people to feel a need to reciprocate gifts and kindness.


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