The ONLY Way To Quote Rates Is On An Advertising Agreement

The only way to ever quote a rate to a prospective client is to “show them the numbers” on a filled out advertising agreement that they could sign or reply “agreed” to.

Coincidentally, the only way to get a signature or “agreed” reply booking spots in your medium is to fill out and show the prospective client an advertising agreement.

Filling out ad agreements for any likely scenarios as well as a blank one with only the client’s info. and mail dates filled in prior to the meeting, is a key step in the sales process.

When working with an agency or out of area prospects who wants a quote on the phone, get their email address and promise to send them a written proposal.

If you do not quote any specific pricing in any way other than in writing on an advertising agreement, you will never make the mistake of giving a good presentation and not “asking for the sale.” When you pull out an ad agreement, the prospect gets it that you are asking for their business and giving them an opportunity to buy. By making it a matter of routine to quote price in this manner, you won’t be nervous when it’s time to ask for the sale and neither will the prospect.


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