Prepare to Present: Research The Prospective Client and Their Business

Just like a job interview, it pays to do your research before meeting with a prospective client to present your medium. This will help you prepare ask informed questions about their business and their marketing objectives and needs. It will also make you stand out as a true marketing professional focused on their business and how you can help them grow sales and profits.

In preparing for a meeting with a prospective client:

1. Google Search: Google the business and also the person you will be meeting with. For example, you are meeting with Jim Smith at Joe’ Pizza in Austin, search “Joe’s Pizza Austin,” “Jim Smith Joe’s Pizza,” and “Jim Smith Austin.” Check web results and news results. Add any information relevant to marketing the business or relating to the business owner to their CRM record.

2. Review Social Profiles: Search for and review the prospect’s business and personal profiles on Facebook, Yelp, LinkedIn and Twitter. Add any newly discovered social profile links to the contact record in Highrise. Add any information you discover that is relevant to marketing the business or relating to the business owner as notes in their Highrise record.

3. Review Your CRM: Review the prospective client’s ads with competitors and all relevant correspondence, history, and intelligence in their CRM record. Be sure to make yourself aware of all communications they have been sent, especially those containing special offers for new clients.


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