Social Media Prospecting For New Advertisers

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 9.52.32 AMReach Marketing Decision Makers Directly

Business owners, managers and marketing directors are often directly involved in managing and monitoring business social media profiles. A comment on a Facebook post, retweet on Twitter or review on Yelp will often be viewed by a business’s marketing decision maker. Many platforms actually send out emails to alert them of comments, reviews and re-posts. Social media can be used to effectively bust through call screening and a cluttered email inbox to gain the attention of and form a relationship with a marketing decision maker.

Principle of Reciprocity

“As humans, we generally aim to return favors, pay back debts, and treat others as they treat us. According to the idea of reciprocity, this can lead us to feel obliged to offer concessions or discounts to others if they have offered them to us. This is because we’re uncomfortable with feeling indebted to them.” – article on Robert Cialdini’s Six Principles of Persuasion http://www.mindtools. com/pages/article/six-principles-influence.htm

Positive reviews, likes, comments, retweets, etc… via social media put this principle to work for you in your selling efforts.


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